Migration Toolkit v55

Migration Toolkit is a powerful command-line tool that offers granular control of the migration process. Migration Toolkit facilitates migration of database objects and data to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL database from:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

You can also use Migration Toolkit to migrate database objects and data from Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, or between EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL.

You can install Migration Toolkit with the EDB Postgres Advanced Server installer, or via Stack Builder. Stack Builder is distributed with both the EDB Postgres Advanced Server and the PostgreSQL one-click installer available from the EnterpriseDB web site at:


This guide provides a high-level description of the steps involved in the migration process, as well as installation and usage instructions for Migration Toolkit. It also includes solutions to common migration problems, and details unsupported features and their potential workarounds.


This guide uses the term Postgres to refer to either an installation of EDB Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL.

This guide uses the term Stack Builder to refer to either StackBuilder Plus (distributed with EDB Postgres Advanced Server) or Stack Builder (distributed with the PostgreSQL one-click installer from EnterpriseDB).

In addition, if you are using the pdf version of this document, using cut/paste to copy command may result in extra spaces or carriage returns in the pasted command. If a command fails, check the command carefully for additional characters.

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