MongoDB Foreign Data Wrapper Guide v5.2.9

The MongoDB Foreign Data Wrapper (mongo_fdw) is a Postgres extension that allows you to access data that resides on a MongoDB database from EDB Postgres Advanced Server. It is a writable foreign data wrapper that you can use with Postgres functions and utilities, or in conjunction with other data that resides on a Postgres host.

The MongoDB Foreign Data Wrapper can be installed with an RPM package. You can download an installer from the EDB website.

This guide uses the term Postgres to refer to an instance of EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

whats_new requirements_overview architecture_overview installing_the_mongo_data_adapter updating_the_mongo_data_adapter features_of_mongo_fdw configuring_the_mongo_data_adapter example_using_the_mongo_data_adapter identifying_data_adapter_version limitations uninstalling_the_mongo_data_adapter conclusion