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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud
Important update: Postgres MITM21 Vulnerabilities

Why EDB?

:Leave Oracle for PostgreSQL

Moving away from Oracle can seem daunting. You'll need the right technology, migration and deployment expertise, and world-class support for the journey ahead. EDB has you covered, every step of the way.

Your journey begins with the right technology

In order to leave Oracle, you need technology that can replace Oracle, migrate your data, guarantee uptime, and run anywhere.

A compatible database

One that allows you to run Oracle queries against your data, so you don't have rewrite your apps.

Migration tools

Tools to migrate schemas and data, with alerting and tools to transform data as needed.

Highly available clusters

Downtime can cost more than a usurious software license. Where you're going, you'll need five 9s.

Deploy anywhere

Kubernetes operators for private, hybrid, and public cloud deployment and orchestration.

Resources to guide you as you get started




The essential PostgreSQL software at your side

Our software portfolio is purpose-built for this journey.

Services & support for the journey ahead

We have deep experience with every step, across a variety of use cases, services, and support offerings.


Consulting Services

Decades of deployment experience

Remote & Cloud DBA Services

On-premises and cloud support for PostgreSQL

Customers have taken the journey with us

customer story

customer story

Hundreds of customers have moved to PostgreSQL and Postgres Advanced Server, and we've been their guide.

More for the journey ahead


customer story

Why EDB?